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TCO Check - Analyze Phase

The overall objective for the TCO-analyze phase is to detect potentials for TCO-Reduction, as platform for building a TCO Reduction Report, leading to a TCO Reduction Program with action items and securing ownership for realizing increased Competitiveness and Profitability.

After NDA signed, we offer pre-analyze of your Supply Chain setup for technical articles
  • Line Walks in Warehouse, Production and Point of Use locations in Production
  • Interviews of Key functions and Stakeholders
  • Supply Chain Data Analytics
Analyze elements will be carried out with support of management appointed stakeholder, with company and production knowledge beside access granted to relevant logistic data.
This in order to prepare for ownership and later TCO Reduction project management, besides paying maximum attention and concern to related transactional cost.

In case no realizable potentials for TCO Reduction have been detected/discovered during Analyze Phase, the entire exercise is free of charge with reference to: No Cure – No Pay.

In other words, you manage and run close to a perfect supply chain solution for your production today, which cannot justify to pay for the TCO Check analyze and a TCO Reduction Report, if without cost – benefit, covering SCM STS involvement and potential for realize Increased Competitiveness and Profitability.

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