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Single- and Small Parts Dispensing

Single-item control and accountability

There are professional ways to control small, expensive tools and parts.

Dispensing systems are the ideal solution for remote work sites, and small work areas or where security is an issue on a limited number of items.

With safely dispense an incredible array of individual items from electrical components to medical supplies, small parts and cutting tools – one at a time.

You can simply put mission-critical items close to where they are needed and protect against loss, waste and abuse, while eliminating overstock, obsolescence and expensive rush orders.

User-level access for individual item dispensing

Allow your employees get what they need – when and where they need it.

When designed to be hard-wearing for harsh industrial environments, the Dispensing Machines provides faultless dispensing of an incredibly wide range of supplies, tools, parts and materials.

Ensuring accurate, 24/7 dispensing, it is the most simple way to reduce consumption, gain insight on usage and streamline purchasing
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