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Benefits with Automated Point Of Use Control, Access and Replenishment

SCM STS have faced a rapidly growing demand trend to deploy secure, self-service automated part distribution at the POU why SCM STS offer design of customized supply chain technologies including:
  • E-weigh scale Kanban racks, with auto replenishment functions generated from Smart Bins
  • Industrial vending machines and dispensers
  • Automated Locker and Cabinet Systems, Storage and Retrieval Systems
The benefits of controlling and automating transactions and inventory management at POU locations in the factories are obvious and in addition the opportunity to realize benefits as:
  • Elimination of waste and inefficient manual processes
  • Collection of process data for Six Sigma and LEAN initiatives
  • Automated replenishment processes
  • Support for Integrated supply programs
This will lead to remarkable reduction of consumption (20-45% across all segments), reordering costs, inventory Levels, material/parts/tools retrieval time and cost and elimination of stock outs, downtime and delays, which support TCO Cost reduction, leading to increased competitiveness and profitability. 

Be in control of you Cash Flow

With automated Point of Use Control and acces, you eliminate out-of-stock situations and having excess inventory, leading to reduced reordering costs – it is possible by utilizing state of the art supplu chain technologies. 

Significant Waste Reduction

Statistics show that 25-50% of mission-critical materials, supplies and equipment are wasted annually. SCM STS offers smart solutions that combat this costly problem – as we aim to drive unprecedented productivity levels and efficiencies.

Proximity to Point of Use is essential

Employees walking to warehouse and waiting for parts to be handed out drain productivity. SCM STS secure access and control to critical supplies, materials and equipment at the Point-of-Use. Your employees simple get more done in the production - and your company save money and speed up productivity.

Lean and Six Sigma

What matters is doing more, with optimal quality and with less effort. With SCM STS and Point-of-Use solutions installed, you secure to eliminate wasted time, motion, material, labour and cost. Make sense - right?

Expect the best service - and a little extra

SCM STS offer, in parnership with selective collaboration partners, superior customer service and support with preassembled spares, parts, dropbox and DK and UK based technical expertise at the end of the phone or on site if needed. Aiming to support your company to realize increased profitability and competitiveness.
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