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Market Verticals Focused

The SCM STS Team and its collaboration Partners offer customized Supply Chain Solutions, Technologies, Services and TCO Checks- and Reduction Solutions for selective verticals and sub-verticals:


Industries, OEMs and End-users
Using technical Direct material/Indirect material

Energy i.e. Renewables, Power generation, Protection and Distribution etc.
Transportation i.e. Trains, Rolling Stock, Trams, Subways, Heavy Trucks, Cranes
Consumer & Industrial applications – i.e. Electronics, HVAC, Pumps,
Medical and Healthcare i.e. Scanners, Emergency and Health care centers and Hospitals for humans and animals 


For Customers who desire Click & Collect Order Pick-Up & Returns 


For Quick Service Restaurants, Stadiums, Arenas, Universities, Colleges, Campus 

Distribution Centers/Warehouses

When  Real-time Retail Optimized Warehouse Management is mandatory.
Feel free to reach out for a dialogue, on how we can serve you, in handling "products" in your particullar business

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