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Digital weigh scale Smart bins Kanban

Auto Replenisment of C-Parts made Simple

E-weigh scale based Kanban is designed for fulfillment of C-Class parts, either indirect- and/or direct material, such as:
- Fasteners, Hardwares, Technical Catalogue Articles
- Gaskets, Sealings, O-rings
- Electrical and automation components, cable- and wire, standard and ready-made kits
- HVAC parts, pipes, fittings and valves
- Hydraulics, Pneumatics
- Metal and plastic components
- Consumables
- Etc.

By streamlining industry production with E-weigh scale based Kanban, the industry will have access to parts at POU locations, reduced stock-outs and reduced cost, getting what is needed, when and where the industry need it 24/7.

Auto Replenisment of C-Parts made Clever

Digital E-weigh scale Kanban racks, with auto replenishment functions generated from the Smart Bins via Cloud based data exchange platform, support Distributors/Wholesalers' SCM-programs with VMI- and CMI-solutions in the industry and potentially with designated access for all relevant in the Value Chain.

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